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Space2b is proud to present an exciting new exhibition
My Journey

‘Sunflowers’ by Amir Tehrani

‘Sunflowers’ by Amir Tehrani

EXHIBITION OPEN March 18th – May 1st
Space2b 144 Chapel St, Balaclava
Tuesday – Friday
10am – 5pm
10am – 3pm

 Group exhibition of paintings by five refugee artists living in Melbourne exploring
freedom, community, belonging, happiness and individual journeys

This exhibition showcases the work of five artists with refugee background from Iran. They have come to Australia and bring their art and culture with them.

The journey to Australia was arduous and dangerous. For all refugees the journey was long and in a mental sense it never ended. Many of those who now are living a normal life still have
nightmares about past oppression, their boat journey, or the mandatory detention.

The works of these artists represent a diversity of responses, in an effort to express, explain and in some instances to cope with the life-changing event.

As a refugee one is often portrayed in politics under a blanket label.  Rather, we are diverse individuals with different personalities and hopes.

We hope this exhibition will help you understand our journeys better.

The exhibition is part of the the ‘Get Striped’ Festival on 25th March, which includes
a design market, farmers’ market, creative workshops and an inspirational speakers’ forum.