Space2work provides the opportunity for newly arrived migrants and refugees to work and train together in a safe and welcoming environment, either at Space2b or with a local businesses partner. Through enhancing skills, developing English, and exposing individuals to the Australian work environment, our Space2work programs aim to break down barriers to gaining employment, whilst providing social and cultural connections.

Our trained2work program is a 3 month traineeship offered in retail or hospitality. Placements are offered within Space2b’s retail enterprise, our partner cafe Art Lane Cafe, or with our local business partners. Currently these partners include St Ali Coffee and The Leaf Store, who have welcomed our trainees to their spaces, provided incredible support and invaluable training, along with providing references for participants at the end of the program.

If you would like to be part of this training program, or if you are a business looking to offer a trainee position, please contact Catrina at: