Meet the Mentors

There are some very special people involved in this programme and this week I would like to introduce one of them.

Please meet our Fashion and Design Mentor Tracey van Ingen


Tracey grew up in Geelong, went to Sacred Heart College from prep to Year 12 and then moved to Melbourne where she studied at Melbourne University to become a high school teacher in the areas of Art, Graphics and Textiles. After teaching for 6 years she realised that her true passion was fashion and commenced further studies in this area. She went on to work in the fashion industry for 25 years as a senior designer for labels including The Clothing Company, Resort Report and Metalicus.


When her role at Metalicus was made redundant she became more aware of what she really wanted to do with her career.  Her family circumstances changed and she was no longer able to put in the long hours and travel that was required for similar roles. She also found herself becoming quite disillusioned with the corporate world of the fashion industry where she felt that skill set and experience were no longer valued. Tracey soon realised that if she wanted to continue working in fashion she had to create an opportunity for herself. Therefore Tracey decided to focus on contract design work as well some casual relief teaching. It gave her the flexible working arrangements she needed and allowed her  to focus on creating, Shortlist, her own line of clothing, accessories and jewellery.

In March of 2015 Tracey launched her own online store ( and in October 2015 she opened a retail shop in Geelong West.

photo 3

Tracey has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the world of fashion and design and is an asset to the programme and our trainees. Its lovely having her onboard! Thank you Tracey for being a part of the ‘Ready to Fly’ project.


More news to follow shortly…

Heritage Hill – A Story to Tell

Well..what a great few weeks it’s been for the Ready To Fly project. The trainee’s are into their seventh session, sampling is well under way and progress is evident.

With plenty of direction, advice and laughter on hand to keep everyone going, there’s certainly a feeling of routine and community within the group and part of this is also due to the venue; it’s beginning to feel like a second home to some of us.

13389192_10153520390766176_1014720612_oTenzin and Saffron working with Bendigo Mill Yarns

photo 2

Knitted and crochet work

photo 1

Chaw’s steady hand with pattern cutting

We are extremely grateful to have the support of the Heritage Hill Museum and in particular their ever friendly and always helpful Community Programs Officer Bridget Flood. Dating back to 1869, it is a beautiful space to work in.

photo 5 (2)

Our beautiful workspace

With historic gardens, a vegetable plot, trees that are currently fruiting with juicy oranges and lemons and resident artists’ that are painting in the surrounds, its couldn’t be more perfect for us.

photo 2 (2)

The vegetable garden

I often think that when we’re there it’s as if we are stepping back in time. It’s our own serene place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of the City of Dandenong, feel at ease with one another and comfortable to create.

As the programme develops I must take the time and opportunity to send thanks to the site team and to Bridget and her colleagues for allowing us to be a part of Heritage Hill’s story and use this secret gem in Centre Dandenong.


More updates to follow…watch this space!

For more information on Heritage Hill please click here:


Ready To Fly – Mentoring program in Dandenong

Our Ready to Fly program is all systems go!

We are now into our second month of the course and are already achieving some incredible things.
Working with ten creatively talented women from mixed backgrounds and an experienced selection of designers; we are working side-by- side developing ideas, sharing knowledge and forming some wonderful relationships.

The diversity of all of our trainees is outstanding, coming from all walks of life, sharing the enjoyment of creativity and working towards a range of products to eventually sell to the Australian market.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We are a ‘creative community’, learning and sharing ideas and conversing in a whole range of languages.

The workshops take place in the perfect surrounding of Heritage Hill in Dandenong. They have kindly donated a space for us to meet and a beautiful garden to sit and drink tea in together (which of course is very important to the program).
photo 5 (2)

   Beautiful Heritage Hill, Dandenong

So far, we have collectively looked at researching, investigating and understanding design and the Australian consumer. Trainees are in the stages of designing and developing initial product ideas and sourcing of materials. It’s an exciting time and one that we are all embracing and learning from on a daily basis.


Group discussions


One-to-one support


Thanks go to the City of Dandenong for their funding and to AMES Australia and the Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre for their support.

photo 1 (3)

Crochet with one of our Mentors Saffron

More updates to follow as the program progresses….

Welcome to The Ready to Fly Project

Welcome to the ‘Ready to Fly’ online blog!

My name is Lucy Worsley and I am the project Coordinator for the Space2b mentoring programme ‘Ready to Fly’. I originally became involved with Space2b over two years ago, through volunteering and running workshops. I am a qualified teacher, project coordinator, artist and all round creative enthusiast.


When I was approached to help to coordinate and mentor for this project I knew I had to be involved; helping to form connections, motivate and build others’ confidences  and share any knowledge I have.


My aim through this blog is to keep you all updated with our progress and up and coming news; I’ll share as much as I can including photos, experiences and real life stories. It’s going to be a real journey…I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

A little bit of background information…

This project has been set up as a personal mentoring and training programme to support and develop design and business skills for newly arrived migrants and refugees. Through Space2b we aim to create a platform for creatives to develop products, gain real life work experience and work side-by-side with established designers.

Five experienced mentors will work with ten women, across numerous disciplines  including design, production, research and marketing.


We believe that this is going to be an exciting project for all involved, but more importantly for those women who have taken this brave first step to trying something new and to learning it all in a second language. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Celebration Day for Acceptance + Respect

What a wonderful day at Vegilicious and 4Dverse to celebrate Acceptance and Respect!
Delicious food cooked by Sharifeh and Helen together with Giovana in the Vegilicious Kitchen!
Fun workshops, and lots of monkeys sold.
We have made over 100 monkeys, so 20 have gone to children in detention.
A reminder to them that they have not been forgotten!

Thank you to the City of Port Phillip for funding this important event!


Handing over the monkeys to Tri for the children in detention


Program Launched by Pamela Curr, ASRC

Program Launched by Pamela Curr, ASRC


100 Stripey Monkeys – Vegilicious wall

Vanessa Huxley, Councillor, City if Port Phillip

Vanessa Huxley, Councillor, City if Port Phillip


Giovanna, Sharifeh and Hadis – Vegilicious kitchen

Sharifeh cooking with Giovana in the Vegilicious kitchen

Sharifeh cooking with Giovana in the Vegilicious kitchen


Giovanna with Leila and Helen – Vegilicious Kitchen


Leila Ashtiani – Exhibition at 4Dverse Gallery


African Beading with Tissi


Indigenous basket weaving



Up to Monkey Business


Linda & Sharifeh with Uma, Sebi & Pin Head

We are half way there.  Already have over 50 monkeys made.
Thank you to Lhakpa, Wenny, Sharifeh and Helen who have been madly sewing the monkey parts and running our workshops!


Multi heads off with jane


Timmy performing at the Emerald Hill Festival


Alexander sunning himself in Burma!


Alexander at the beach!

100 Stripey Monkeys for Acceptance & Respect

monkey workshop2
This is such a fun yet important campaign to remind us that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, safe and accepted.
It is a community inclusion project that involves newly arrived migrants and community members working together to make stripey monkeys from recycled materials.
We are using old scarves, well loved jumpers and outgrown children’s clothes and running monkey making workshops for the community with Truffles cafe, Vegilicious Restaurant, at schools.
Each monkey is named and loved.   The stripey monkeys are for sale and profits will support new migrant training programs at Space2b.
Every fifth monkey made goes to a child in detention.
Come and join us!


Our first monkey – Sebi


Great donation from Otto&Spyke.


Sebi with a few friends

vegilicious workshops

Workshop at Vegilicious


Workshops at truffles

strioe monkey2

Rachel, helping us to promote the program

Now Moving Forward – an Amazing night with Julian Burnside and Guests


I thought I should report on this special night, even if I am a bit late!
Such a wonderful evening!  So lovely to see a great turnout, and so it should be with such amazing guests. There was humour, entertainment, many ‘makes you think’ moments and some practical and compassionate ideas.
Our thanks again to our wonderful speakers and entertainers: Julian Burnside, Abe Nouk, Tasneem Chopra and E’eda

julian burnside

julian burnside

Abe Nouk

Abe Nouk

Tasneem Chopra & E'Eda

Tasneem Chopra & E’Eda

Ban, Linda & Keeru

Ban, Linda & Keeru


Helen & Mitra serving up Delicious Iranian food

LR_20151015__DSC3123 copy

Abe entertains!

New pop up on Chapel street St. Kilda


We have found a great little popup, it is in a quieter place than before so please support us by telling all your friends.
Hope to see you soon!
143 Chapel st.  (near the corner of Carlisle St)
All the gang have been madly sewing and making so pop in and have a look.

   Wed – 11-5 pm
   Thur: 11-5 pm
   Fri – 11-5.30 pm
   Sat – 10.30 – 3.30 pm