Abe Nouk

Ball Games - Throwing a ball at a target

There are numerous ball games played throughout the world which involve throwing, catching, hitting a target or a shooting through a hoop such as basketball. Games can be played on the ground, against a wall or on a court.

On the Laneway floor in St Kilda, Heesco and his team have painted concentric circles leading to a main target.

Players: Up to four
You need: A ball of any size

Concentric circles:
The intention is for a player to stand on an outside circle and throw the ball so it lands or bounces on the target. This game can be varied so that the child catches the ball once it bounces on the target.

Depending on the age, a child can start closer to the target and then move to an outer ring to try and land the ball on the target. A small ball can be used to make the game more of a challenge.

The winner is the one who hits the target from the furthest distance.

Skill Development:
Throwing a ball has lots of physical benefits in children; it works their arms and leg muscles, improves balance and hand-eye coordination, and increases fitness. Playing ball games together is a great way to build friendships.