Erin Haywood

Born and raised in Melbourne’s inner CBD, Erin Haywood is a 26 year old artist who has been drawing since she was a child.  With two parents working full time, she spent most of her time with her grandmother at her gallery, who together with many aunties, encouraged Erin to fully embody the colourful lifestyle of an artist.

“I was quite restless and temperamental as a child, and art became a way to process my emotions and focus my energy into one thing.  My mother and I would go to galleries together growing up and I would often wander off and get lost exploring and learning as much as I could. I continued to draw and paint throughout primary school and high school, always choosing as many art subjects and competitions as I could get involved in.  Art became an escape for me and a way to understand my emotions”.

Erin studied art at La Trobe College where she was lucky enough to meet her painting teacher Michael, who inspired her with his passion for art, teaching Erin different mediums, brushes, places to visit and artists to observe and follow.  Erin is particularly drawn to the emotionality of German expressionist artists, but also a lot of street artists, like Basquiat and Haring.

“Art in a way, is like my visual diary. It helps me to understand the world as a whole and the people in it. I think of my art practice as a separate entity or a toxic/obsessive romantic partner. It forces me to examine my emotions in times of sadness and despair, but it also excites me and makes me see the world in a more beautiful and appreciative way.

Erin said, “My work is an intimate look into the human psyche, and a study of the mysterious, often taboo thoughts that connect us all at our roots. Using both a bold and rich colour pallet, my work is a visual diary that investigates the murkier side of the human experience, whilst contemplating its beauty”.

In 2021, Erin contacted Heesco, a well-known street artist/graffiti artist from Mongolia, and has been working with him ever since as his assistant. He has been teaching Erin how to use spray paints to make large scale art murals that span large buildings, walls and silos.

Erin was recently asked to be part of Heesco’s latest design which forms part of the Space2b Laneway street art mural project. “I couldn't be happier to be involved in such a great initiative like this, which has been specifically created for the community to enjoy!”

The result is a magical creation of nature, bringing sunshine to an otherwise dreary wall and complementing the already colourful street art in the Space2b Laneway at the rear of the building in St Kilda.

“I feel very privileged to be a part of Space2b’s Face2Face collaborative program in July. Space2b is a buzzing honey pot of community, design and art, and I am very excited to be a part of its vision.”


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