Jane Kanizay 

I been an artist all my life! I have just intrinsically known that painting, drawing and creating is what I enjoy. It is what makes me happy. Time spent at the easel, though, has come and gone through life with bringing up a family, studying and travelling taking precedence.  Study sees me create prolific amounts of work, both set tasks and my own creative thoughts on paper, canvas, in three dimensions.

Painting and creating art is a pleasure always present for me, always seeing the world through colour, shape, tone, composition, abstraction, line, representation, space, through the eyes of an artist.

Travel inspires my artwork and painting from life inspires me at home. I’m blessed to have travelled so much, being able to paint in Iran, Nepal, Africa and Rome and to have meet such a rich diversity of friends and models. It is quite serendipitous that Anahita is from Iran and I was actually married there!

Paint provides a wonderful medium to capture a likeness, a feeling, a moment, it is more than a photograph, as it is so open to interpretation. I love to work in 'Alla Prima' technique, wet on wet paint, so the painting evolves, moves on the canvas and even I am surprised by the light, texture and forms that emerge.

I always love to see the paint on the surface, to feel the texture and depth oil paint creates, to find the colours in my subject, which are often surprising yet they are always there. I love the moment when the true character appears in a portrait, at times this is as the underpainting is developed or a final brushstroke, maybe on the tip of the nose or most often something in the eyes. Whilst oil painting is my favoured medium, I also love the immediacy of watercolour painting.

Travelling allows me to share my paintings with my subjects, often giving my paintings as gifts.

"In a world where we take so many photographs, I savour the joy a painted image brings and my painted journals hold more sentimental value than my photographs.

For me, life drawing has always been a way to hone drawings skills, understand the human form and to relax in a safe space to create art."

 For more information about Janes art go to her website https://bluethumb.com.au/jane-kanizay/bio

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