Journeys from Homeland to Here

8 June 06 July,  2  016The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall
Kindly funded by the City Of Port Phillip Cultural Development Grant

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‘Journeys – Homeland to Here’ is a multimedia exhibition portraying 12 emerging artists and designers from cultural and linguistically diverse communities, who are actively involved with Space2b Social Design, a social enterprise supporting new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Space2b is based in the City of Port Phillip who have funded this exhibition.

‘Journeys – Homeland to Here’ presents each person’s respective journey to Australia and an insight into their creative work, often influenced by their cultural heritage. Award winning Photographer Andy Drewitt Photography captures what is important to each in their pursuit of a creative life.

Each person shares a memento, a reminder of their homeland or of personal significance such as prayer beads, a head scarf, the Quran. In some cases the box remains empty, a harrowing reminder that the person arrived with nothing, barely surviving the ordeal.

The artists and designers are new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran, Rwanda, Tibet, Sudan, Burma, Kenya, China, Japan, Mauritius and Indonesia. Each has shown a profound openness and willingness to share their stories to curator Anna Monea. These stories then inform Andy Drewitt’s approach when capturing each person within their new environment.

This exhibition is made possible through the City of Port Phillip’s Cultural Development Fund.

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