Karen Hopkins

Karen Hopkins has loved creating for as long as she can remember. With a background in education, Karen has been a professional exhibiting artist since 1991, with many collaborative and solo exhibitions held annually.

Karen has art works installed in both corporate and private collections - both nationally and internationally and has participated in numerous group-shows in Australia and overseas.

Karen works daily in her studio creating work from photographs and sketches as well as visual memories. In a process of working and re-working the canvas; painting layers of paint and scraping back using mixed media, her work constantly evolves. She describes her work increasingly as a process of intuitively searching for harmony where in the process of letting go, she becomes an instrument through which creativity can flow.

Nature and the landscape together with the interconnectedness of all life, are a constant inspiration to her. She paints, creates sculptures and writes poetry. She also has experience in mural painting, Gallery management, exhibition curation and more recently has begun a journey studying and facilitating workshops in Eco Art Therapy.

Through her art she aims to bring people closer to nature to appreciate and respect the colors shapes and essence that it encompasses to offer and take the viewer on a journey to the deeper levels that connect us all.


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