Outfit Design

United Threads Fashion Show – Outfit Design

Design a ‘that’s-so-me’ outfit to represent your culture.
You are invited to design an outfit that best represents who you are, your background and your culture.
Your outfit will be shown at the United Threads Fashion Show at Space2b at our Laneway Market Festival on March 25th (1.30-2.30pm).
You or a nominated friend can model the outfit. Or we will find you a model if you give us notice.
There is also a free  ‘love your body‘ workshop at the dress rehearsal for all models and designers, run by Nehanda.

Deadline to register your entry
Wednesday 28th Feb
Fashion show dress rehearsal & ‘Love your body’ workshop
Sunday 18th March  11am

Fashion Show 
Sunday 25th March  1.30pm

To submit your entry
please email  us at info@space2b.com.au
stating your name/outfit description/inspiration/cultural heritage/short bio of model & designer

 Competition Guidelines
Two outfits per entry
All creatives can apply