Acceptance & Respect Celebrations

 Celebration Day of Acceptance + Respect is the culmination of Space2b’s 100 Stripey Monkeys program, a community inclusion project  involving newly arrived migrants and community members working together to make stripey monkeys from recycled materials. These soft toys remind us that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, safe and accepted.
Celebration Day for Acceptance & Respect was launched  by Pamela Curr, campaign coordinator at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Vanessa Huxley, Councillor, City if Port Phillip. The Monkeys were acceptance on behalf of the Children in detention by Tri Setyani from the Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers. The program was kindly supported by Vegilicious Restaurant and 4Dverse and kindly funded by the City of Port Phillip.

100 Stripey Monkeys for Acceptance & respect – Program Launch

100 Stripey Monkeys for Acceptance & respect – Workshops

100 Stripey Monkeys for Acceptance & respect – Vegilicious Kitchen