Diwali Festival of Lights returns to St. Kilda

Brought to you by Space2b and our local Indian community


Laneway behind Space2b

144 Chapel St, St Kilda
City of Port Phillip’s very own Diwali bringing the community together.

Space2b will come alight once again - as we recreate a ‘Buzzing and vibrant Diwali celebration with a 1000 lights, music, food, dance and art – sure to stimulate all your senses!

Together we make a difference.

Anu Bajwa space2b

Anu Bajwa
Anu, a local resident of St Kilda is a proud migrant and Australian. She is also the driver of "1000 lights for Diwali". It has been her dream ever since she first migrated in 2000 to 'celebrate Diwali here in Australia, as it not only provides an opportunity to share my culture with friends and community members but also brings Diwali to Balaclava - making it home.’ 

Just like Christmas, Diwali is all about food. Anu states that 'growing up in India, Diwali was always about sharing the festival with friends and family. Platters of sweets would be exchanged between neighbours, fireworks lit the sky at night and as kids we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't eat any more'. This Diwali, Balaclava can expect, a range of Indian food, loads of colourful delicious sweets and I am sure there will be something you may never have tasted before?

Indian dance is so diverse. Where there is Bhangra, there is also Bollywood, classical Bharatnatyam and so much more. The lovely children of St Kilda Primary school may have a surprise which they will present at Diwali - an excellent example of social cohesion and the partaking of a joyous cultural exchange. We are counting on everyone putting on their dancing shoes and shaking their booty!

Music & Dhol
The beat of the Dhol is one that I am so nostalgic about. Every wedding, festival and celebration I grew up with had a Dhol player drumming with all their might inviting everyone to get up and dance with friends and cousins.  The Dhol is a North Indian drum - yes it is loud - and dancing the Bhangra to the its beat is the best feeling ever! The Dhol is an invitation to dance  - never mind the rhythm or even if you have two left feet - it is all about the synergy.