Namaste India
‘Holding Space’ is our new immersion program that provides an opportunity for different cultural groups to design a series of 'cultural immersions’ - art and cultural events to share and express individuality and collective identities of each community. Every month we celebrate a different culture and in October, we're focusing on the continent of India and the glorious colour, culture and art from her shores.

Laneway Festival 2020
Come along, bring your family and friends and enjoy this festive day of art and culture! Shop at the design market, connect with vibrant artists, take a walk through the art exhibition, feast on delicious food, listen and dance to live music and attend our workshops.

Holding Space - NOMAD
Nomad brings together a blend of emerging and established artists of African background, evoking a sense of sharing, reflection and creative thinking among our community. Come along and enjoy this space of thought provoking art and culture.

weaving with Muhubo

Wall Hanging Somali Weaving Workshop
Learn Somali wall hanging craftship known as ‘Alool’, and how it’s traditionally used in daily life. Join Muhubo in this colourful workshop, sharing her passion for her Somalian craftwork!