Abe Nouk

Flora & Fauna Wall Mural

Featured on the Laneway Wall behind 144 Chapel St, St Kilda

Street artist Heesco, well known for his silo works in regional Victoria, and CALD artists, Humi, Batoul, Amir, Anahita and Erin have brought colour and movement to Space2b’s laneway and café with a large-scale mural featuring a menagerie of local birds and indigenous flora.

Funded by building owner.

Fauna featured (from left to right): Pink cockatoo native to inland Australia. The eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius) is native to southeastern Australia and Tasmania. Regent Bbower bird Sericulus chrysocephalus is distributed to rainforests and margins of eastern Australia, from central Queensland to New South Wales. The red-tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) also known as Banks' black cockatoo, native to large parts of Australia. The species is usually found in eucalyptus woodlands, or along water courses.

Flora featured: Pycnosorus Commonly known as billy buttons, Acacia known commonly as mimosa, acacia, thorntree or wattle, protea, Grevillea, commonly known as spider flowers, Tree Waratah, and eucalyptus tree.