Laneway Celebrations

Brought to you by Space2b and our amazing diverse community

Sunday 20th March 2022
11.30am - 2.30pm
Laneway behind Space2b
144 Chapel St, St Kilda

Space2b will come alive once again as we bring the community together with music, food, dance and art
sure to stimulate all your senses!

Together we make a difference.

Soundscape Duo 11.30am–12.15pm

Take a fantastic voyage with Melbourne based multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Aurora Darby and Keshav Yoganathan of global-jazz-electronica quartet Mopoke. Inspired by a raft of styles including Indian, Classical, and Spiritual Jazz, this tremendously talented twosome draws on their own unique musical backgrounds to create entrancing rhythms and soundscapes. Please join Aurora and Keshev in the Space2b Laneway as they blend modern contemporary and world music in a glorious marriage of improvised melody.

Indian Bharathanatyam Dance 12.20–12.50pm

With over 30 years experience in traditional and contemporary dance forms, the amazing Deepa Mani and her accomplished team will be bringing the very best of Classical Bharathanatyam to our Laneway Festival. Founder of renowned Indian dance school Chandralaya, Deepa believes in the power of dance to connect people with their heritage, sense of self, and creative centre. A dedicated Space2b performance partner, Deepa forges strong community ties through her advocacy for dance as a pathway to metal and physical wellbeing.

Afro-Colombian Dance Lesson 1.00–1.30pm

Step it up with the brilliant Karen Bravo and her Afro Colombian dance lesson.  A multidisciplinary artist and live performer, Karen uses dance and movement to not only connect with her Colombian roots but as a tool to help build confidence and a sense of belonging. Karen will guide you through a super fun and easy to follow routine at the beginning of the session before inviting the class to dance along during her performance. Reconnect with your body, join with your community and dance your cares away in a safe and inclusive environment.

Due to restrictions, registrations are required (FREE).

Dance to Rhythm of Life 1.35–2.20pm

Celebrate the sounds and songs of Guinea with Mohammed from Rhythm of Life African Drumming and his vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary music. Featuring a super special Laneway Festival guest, Mohammed and friends and his block-rockin’ beats are guaranteed to get your body moving. Mohammed shares his passion for and experience of traditional African music and percussion to educate, inspire and develop cultural awareness. So gather up your crew, step to the beat and prepare to discover that the groove is indeed in the heart.

In Our Shoes Art Exhibition

Six migrant Artists express their experience of settlement and home through paintings, sculpture and weaving.

OPENING: 10th March 6-8pm
DATES: 1st March  - 26th March

Global Food with Nayran Tabiei

Let’s face facts, a Space2b event is not complete without a wonderful array of fabulous food and this year’s Laneway Celebrations Festival is no exception. Join us as we travel the world of international cuisine, sampling delicious new flavours and learning a little more about each other with each mouth-watering adventure. Beat the crowds by preordering one of our multi-cuisine pre-packaged lunches; available in vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options, they’re the perfect accompaniment to the day’s festivities. Order today to avoid disappointment!