Leila Ashtiani

Leila is an art graduate of Al-Zahra University in Tehran, where after graduating she became the Director for Arts and Culture at the City Council there. Leila comes from a background of professional artists in Iran and in Tehran she managed her own contemporary art gallery and exhibited in Tehran, Dubai and Turkey as well as and teaching art.

Art was her life but there were severe restrictions on what she could paint. Any depictions of women or anything perceived as political would put her life in danger, and as Leila is from Zoroastrian faith, -a persecuted minority in Iran any religion other than Islam is not tolerated and punishable by death hence in 2013 she decided to made the difficult journey to Australia.

Since arriving in Australia she has been able to freely pursue her arts practice as a painter sculptor and mural artist. She has participated in group shows, taught art to a variety of ages and abilities including volunteering in detention centres. She and been involved in a variety of multicultural projects including gallery management, retail and as an administrator interpreter and she regularly completes commissions including large murals. Leila is passionate about art and is continually experimenting and extending her practice in a variety of areas.


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