Join Space2b to celebrate Refugee Week

Come Walk With Me

Friday June 22nd 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Space2b 144 Chapel St, St Kilda

Mariam Issa will lead a Q&A with three resilient and inspiring artists and designers who have
overcome amazing odds to become the people they are today.

Mariam Issa
Mariam Issa is many things. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a business woman, a human rights activist and a community worker. Mariam is also an ardent storyteller. Mariam supports the rights of refugees and developing the strengths and confidence of women in Australia and Africa. Her compelling story of resilience, compassion and bridging cultures has made her a favourite in both school and corporate programs and as a spokesperson in the media for refugee and women's issues. Her story will inspire you.  

Leila Ashianti   
Originally from Iran, Leila has been creating for 19 years. Born in Iran, she gained Art & Design accolade at Al-Zahra University. She went on to manage, teach and direct at the Council of Tehran. Leila has been involved in numerous exhibitions in Melbourne and is a truly inspiring artist and storyteller. The featured painting Mystery Writer was conceived during Leila's last pregnancy. She kept dreaming of her grandfather who was a mystery novelist and knew her next exhibition would capture the musings of writers.

Lhakpa Chondon  
Lhakpa escaped from Tibet by walking to India in 1995. There she had the opportunity of education. In 1998 after she finished her schooling, she worked for a tailor. She worked there for 8 years and learnt to sew women and children's clothes. In 2004 she married Lobsang Shera, an ex-prisoner, also from Tibet. In 2009, they had the opportunity of coming to Australia as refugees. She was first inspired to use her skills and start making toys by Madeleine from Do Re Me, who asked her to make toys for the shop. Sewing toys make Lhakpa happy. 

Saida Umurerwa
Saida and her family fled their Rwanda village during the devastating 1994 genocide. They walked for days until they finally made it to the border of Tanzania. For 17 long years, they lived in UN refugee camps first in Tanzania, then in Burundi. In the camps, Saida learnt to speak new languages, to make necklaces and bracelets from seed beads, pearls, and glass beads. Space2b offers her an opportunity to sell her jewellery and be part of the Australian designer community. She dreams that her sister and her will have a shop of their own where they can sell all their jewellery.

Space2b workshops are kindly funded by the City of Port Phillip