Abe Nouk

 Laneway Market Festival is on the 21st March 2021
10am to 3pm

Space2b Laneway Festival

Maker's Market 10:00am - 3:00pm

Agenda Cultural Creative Events Project by Lily Smallbone, brings you over 15 stalls of new migrant designers and artists as well as Australian local makers. Come along, connect with vibrant artists, buy some beautiful products, eat some delicious food and listen to music from afar.

Space2b Festival Music

Persian/Azari Music - Toranj Musics - 10:15am

Toranj presents some of Melbourne’s finest Persian musicians in a performance of music that traverses the exquisite music of Persia and contemporary world music. The concert traces the sonic journey of the musicians from Persia, through Azerbaijan, featuring Reza Kashi (Tar), Parham Kebria (tombak and percussion ), Negar Nik (Singer - Kamanche), Misagh Zamani (Piano).

Rhythm of Life - 11:00am

Experience the rich, vibrant culture of West Africa with djembe drumming! Drums will be available for an interactive workshop on the day to experience traditional African percussion. Combining Guinean music and culture with experience of both Western and Guinean percussion traditions. Rhythm of Life offers a holistic cultural and educational experience like no other.

Space2b Festival Music

Live Dance -  ForrOz - 12:00pm

Brazil has a reputation for its music and dance  - Samba and Bossa Nova are the international face of Brazilian music, but in the northeast, traditional Brazilian folk music called Forró is king. Forró is an intimate dance that includes many different musical beats and dance styles.  Our fancy footed instructors Katya and Leo of ForrOz will demonstrate a real Forró Roots Experience.

Space2b Festival Music

Brazilian Parade - Bloco 3K - 12:45pm in front of St Kilda Town Hall

Join us on a fun Brazilian parade with high impact drumming around St Kilda! Led by Melbourne’s freshest samba bateria Bloco 3K, they are a group of musicians from all corners of the globe brought together in Melbourne by a mutual love for samba and the carnival sounds of Brazil. A unique chance to experience the infamous Brazilian samba dance right here on your doorstep!

Space2b Festival Music

Los Parceros - 2:00pm

Los Parceros, an acoustic duo, from Colombia and Argentina respectively, specialise in what they call Tropical Folk. Julian and Abe will bring you a diverse and solid repertoire of original music grounded by earthy tropical acoustic grooves. The intricate rhythm interaction and improvisation between the guitar and the cajon complement the words weaved within the melodies.

Abe Nouk

Global Food 10:00am - 3:00pm

Food from various cultures offering freshly baked and mouth licking treats and delicacies that you simply cannot resist. Think Lebanese, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Nepalese and more! Oh, and there’s vegan options available too!

Face Painting and Henna Art 10:00am - 3:00pm

Kids activities and entertainment throughout the day for you and your little princes and princesses to enjoy.
Get temporary henna tattos from Somali Henna artist Muhubo Soleiman, face painting from Iraqi artist Nidhal Altaie and face and tshirt painting from Iranian artist Leila Ashtiani. 

Laneway Festival 2021 Photos

Meet the Festival Team

Space2b Laneway Festival Team

Jacquelin, Luciana, Lily and Coco