Flags of Respect, Dream Huts & Laneways

Dream team with inspired giggles .  Vicky & Chris have worked beyond their roles to connect St Kilda Primary School with stories of newly arrived and refugees this year. The ‘Across Barriers’ initiative got the Preps to visit Muhubo’s Dream Hut Installation; Yr1s & Yr5s crafted 85 ‘Flags for Respect’ that swayed at the Laneway Festival, and a City Of Port Phillip grant will raise the flags permanently with ‘welcome’ in the languages; Yr2’s dedicated their community Xmas tree and raised $277 for Space2b; Yr3’s wove a mattress and pillow from plastic bags that Carers of Africa Inc. handed out to the homeless. Their UpCycle Market raised $315 for the organisation’s altruistic work; Yr4’s captured Space2b in poetry, and winners will take the stage with Abe Nouk in Feb 2019; And we all remember the Yr5s got ‘Striped for Acceptance + Respect’ designing tote bags. 

‘What an incredible year it has been for learning and community connections. St Kilda Primary School’s new partnership with Space2b has florished over the course of the year. Together we have partnered up on a myriad of projects which have enabled our children to connect their learning in rich and meaningful ways. The ‘Across Barriers’ initiative, created opportunities for six of the year groups to engage more widely with the Space2b community of newly arrived migrants and refugees. We heard thier stories, shared our own and celebrated diversity, acceptance and respect’   St Kilda Primay School

Thank you to City of Port Phillip



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