Get Striped for Diversity, Acceptance and Respect

Thanks to funding from the City of Port Phillip, our Get striped festival last Saturday during Multicultural week was great fun, and we loved sharing the day with our partners who helped to make it a great success.
‘Get Striped’ Space2b project marks acceptance and respect  through creative arts reminding us that we all deserve to be safe and happy.
The day included a design Market run by Lana from Meet Me at the Market, and the St Kilda farmers market.  We also  had Basketry and african beading workshops, henna art, cultural dance and face painting.   We finished off in the afternoon with an inspirational forum and Q&A with some great speakers, Mariam Issa, Abe Nouk Amini Nyikang and singer song writer Nela Trifkovic.Thanks to photographer Tatiana we have some fantastic photos to share with you and lets face it, pictures say a thousand words.


Kindly funded by the City of Port Phillip Festival fund

Celebration Day for Acceptance + Respect

What a wonderful day at Vegilicious and 4Dverse to celebrate Acceptance and Respect!
Delicious food cooked by Sharifeh and Helen together with Giovana in the Vegilicious Kitchen!
Fun workshops, and lots of monkeys sold.
We have made over 100 monkeys, so 20 have gone to children in detention.
A reminder to them that they have not been forgotten!

Thank you to the City of Port Phillip for funding this important event!


Handing over the monkeys to Tri for the children in detention


Program Launched by Pamela Curr, ASRC

Program Launched by Pamela Curr, ASRC


100 Stripey Monkeys – Vegilicious wall

Vanessa Huxley, Councillor, City if Port Phillip

Vanessa Huxley, Councillor, City if Port Phillip


Giovanna, Sharifeh and Hadis – Vegilicious kitchen

Sharifeh cooking with Giovana in the Vegilicious kitchen

Sharifeh cooking with Giovana in the Vegilicious kitchen


Giovanna with Leila and Helen – Vegilicious Kitchen


Leila Ashtiani – Exhibition at 4Dverse Gallery


African Beading with Tissi


Indigenous basket weaving



Up to Monkey Business


Linda & Sharifeh with Uma, Sebi & Pin Head

We are half way there.  Already have over 50 monkeys made.
Thank you to Lhakpa, Wenny, Sharifeh and Helen who have been madly sewing the monkey parts and running our workshops!


Multi heads off with jane


Timmy performing at the Emerald Hill Festival


Alexander sunning himself in Burma!


Alexander at the beach!

100 Stripey Monkeys for Acceptance & Respect

monkey workshop2
This is such a fun yet important campaign to remind us that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, safe and accepted.
It is a community inclusion project that involves newly arrived migrants and community members working together to make stripey monkeys from recycled materials.
We are using old scarves, well loved jumpers and outgrown children’s clothes and running monkey making workshops for the community with Truffles cafe, Vegilicious Restaurant, at schools.
Each monkey is named and loved.   The stripey monkeys are for sale and profits will support new migrant training programs at Space2b.
Every fifth monkey made goes to a child in detention.
Come and join us!


Our first monkey – Sebi


Great donation from Otto&Spyke.


Sebi with a few friends

vegilicious workshops

Workshop at Vegilicious


Workshops at truffles

strioe monkey2

Rachel, helping us to promote the program