Meet the Artist Leila Ashtiani

Leila Ashtiani’s art exhibition has been one of the most publicised and talked-about events we have had since the inception of Space2b. It’s no wonder – her story is exactly what this social enterprise is all about. We always tell new customers about the purpose of the store, that “the profits go to migrants and refugees who are interested in art and design.” Leila’s exhibition is the perfect example of the product of all the hard work put in by the people behind Space2b.

Leila's art

Leila’s art on the Space2b gallery wall

On Sunday the 15th of March, we held a ‘Meet the Artist’ event, so that people who were interested in Leila’s work could come in and ask her questions. Since the exhibition’s opening, we have had large numbers of people visiting because they had read about her story in The Age. Her story has attracted people from all over Melbourne to come into Space2b and view her beautiful artwork.

Meet the Artist event

Meet the Artist event

Being so comfortable speaking Persian in her old Tehran art gallery, the challenge for Leila at this event was to speak about her art in English. However, the same enthusiasm for her art came across whenever she was asked a question. The attendees included people who had seen Leila’s art at previous exhibitions, as well as those who had heard about her work for the first time. Everyone was impressed not only by the art, but by Leila’s own lovely nature.

One visitor, Jane, described the artwork as “breathtaking”, and an intriguing depiction of woman in all her forms. As a woman, Leila’s work is inspiring because of its central theme of freedom. She was not able to show many of these works in Iran, so we are so glad Space2b could be a part of sharing Leila’s art with the community.

Leila’s paintings will be on show and for sale at the Space2b gallery until March 30th.

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